Sunday, March 02, 2008

Sunday Evening Meal | Chickpea Stew with Fried Polenta

I found this recipe a few weeks ago flipping through my favorite Vegetarian Cook Book ... Vegetarian Times: Complete Cookbook ... i came across this recipe and thought it'd be a great opportunity to cook up chickpeas for the first time. pg 363

Damn do Chickpeas take for - EVAR. After the allotted 3.5 hours they were finally done, and yummy. I substituted the stewed tomatoes for two cans of diced fire roasted tomatoes. Things were going good until i realized i was on top of everything, but frying up the polenta. Started the polenta and had to set everything else aside while it cooked. Luckily that was relatively quick.

Got everything back together. Cut up some White Sharp Cheddar Cheese, warmed some sliced rosemary-potato bread, a decent bottle of pinot noir, and voila ... dinner!

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