Sunday, March 02, 2008

Conservatory of Flowers, SF

Water with White
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Awesome sunny morning for a stroll in the Conservatory of Flowers. Tracey and I set off early this morning, in human terms 9:30am. First trip inside after a few months ago passing the crazy flowers clock on the hill in front of the place on my way to the de Young. It was beautiful!!! I was a smidgen unhappy about all of the humidity, but it was okie as i was able to escape after a few hours.

Inside there were TONS of orchids and lilies. Beautiful groups of colors in the special exhibit hall, along with some carnival ride friends. Also there was tons of ripe fruit. Inspiration to get up, out of bed, and water the damn plants every day to ensure i get to eat home grown cilantro in a few months.

Definitely a: go back for the next exhibit and round 2+ of pictures using the macro setting ; )

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