Sunday, April 27, 2008

Spring Weeding | More home grown foods

I finally managed to get myself outside and into my tiny plot of dirt for some much needed weeding. The cilantro and green onions are looking good! Looks like i can stop buying cilantro from the store now ; )

Since i was out there and the weather has been awesome lately i thought it was time to plant the seeds for the rest of the 2008 veggie good-ness. Seeding finished for cantaloupe, broccoli, onions, squash, oregano, and the 2nd rounds of green onions and sweet basil.

The garage just wasn't pullin it's weight. So now it's hosting some basil, catnip, and the seedlings

Jason planted the lemon tree, in the ground, a few months ago... and it's TONS happier. I've had the dwarf tree for 5 years without ever getting a single lemon. Well this year i have hope. It's so pretty!

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Inder-ific said...

Looks great! I agree, you can't just let the garage mooch. It needs to do its part.

Those cilantro are going to get a LOT bigger. Keep picking off anything that looks like it's thinking of becoming a flower and throw it in some salsa or whatever, because once they go to seed, they give up the ghost.

We finally let ours go to seed last year, and now there are little baby "volunteers" everywhere. It grows like a weed, which is how I like my edibles.

Speaking of weedy edibles, come over anytime and get yourself some squash and chard seedlings.