Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Marmalade Tofu and Lemon Pearl Couscous

OMG! So there was the very failed attempt at introducing couscous into my life last week with the Sundried Tomato and Basil Couscous with Aceto Balsamico where the couscous was so bland we barely finished it AND went out for a real meal later. So i think it's safe to say i was a bit hesitant setting out for these recipes (that came from the same website) this evening, but VERY pleasantly surprised with the outcome. The Tofu was sweet and tangy and the couscous was AWESOME, with the perfect hint of lemon. Mmmm...

I skipped the kale, pretty much just using what i had in the house to make this a somewhat quickmeal. I would recommend making sure the dish you are going to put the tofu in will hold ALL of the tofu flat. 14oz's turned out to be a bit more then i had in mind and i ended up having some cook on their sides for part of the time and then be rotated. I used an orange marmalade found at Berkeley Bowl, and the Almonds are a must have to balance the textures.

This was a great intro to a new item - couscous! I'm thinking a lime/cilantro couscous for burritos next week? : )

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