Sunday, April 13, 2008

Fruit Salad for the WEEK

I've been reading "The New Becoming Vegetarian" book to try and figure out how i can balance out my diet better. I've coma across some awesome suggestions that i think will really work, that i can really sign up to follow. Whole grains here i come, sorry bleached flour. Also they mention to prepare a large green and/or fruit salad for the week to have something at hand to snack on. Brilliant! So this shopping trip i picked three fruits to start with:

Strawberries ($1.39)
Cantaloupe ($1.25)
Pineapple ($2.99)

Results... Mmmmm...

Also there is definitely enough for the week to take some to work or just pick at when i get home before dinner is made. All for $5.63! MUCH cheaper then buying at work or on the go.

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