Saturday, May 17, 2008

Shrimp Limey Veggie Kabob's

This week has been insanely hot! When it's nearly 100 degrees in Berkeley you know we have a problem. Well it also gives craving for bbq/grilled food stuffs. J came up with the awesome idea to have kabob's and some nice Russian River beer. We cut cut up some veggies, Orange and Yellow Bell Peppers, Green Chilies, Jalapenos, and some Purple Onion, along with some button brown Mushrooms and the shrimp to form the kabob's.
J is VERY proud that he's got the grill going.
Who knew that marinade would create so much smoke!
Adding some friend Polenta, re-fills on the beers...and here we are! Dinner is served.

It was delicious and perfect for the friday evening kick off to the hot weekend.

Shrimp and Veggie Kabob's:
1 Medium Orange Bell Pepper
1 Medium Red Bell Pepper
20 Small Brown Button Mushrooms
2 Small Green Chilies
2 Large Jalapenos
20 Large Shrimp (Shells removed)
10 Skewers

1 stick Soybean Margarine
5 Cloves of Garlic, Pressed
1-1/2 tbl Olive Oil
1 tbl Cayenne Pepper
Salt and Pepper to taste

1) Start up grill.
2) Cut all veggies, except Mushrooms, into cubes appx 1-1/2" x 1-1/2".
3) Alternate veggies and shrimp placing onto skewers, appx 2 shrimp per skewer
4) In a small pan, melt butter and combine all marinade ingredients
5) Place skewers directly onto grill and cook, brush half of marinade over skewers
6) Cook for appx 12 minutes, flipping half way through cooking cycle and brushing the rest of the marinade over the skewers.
7) Shrimp will be light pink when fully cooked.
8) Allow to cool down for 3-5 minutes and server immediately. Very tasty over fried Polenta.

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steverino said...

Looks delicious, and Jason nice pants are those cut off Ben Davis.