Friday, August 29, 2008

Attempt at Wheat Bread

It actually came out pretty good! I have had this wheat flour sitting around in my kitchen for weeks, without any loaf pans to turn it into wonderful wheat bread goodness. Finally i decided to check if Berkeley Bowl sold loaf pans, that i liked. Answer = yes. Also = "YEA! I get to make bread". The breading was started in the early afternoon. The recipe was easy, kneading was fun, and the bread tastes awesome! I'm really enjoying this new found freedom with baking my own bread. Yummy!

I followed this recipe and changed it to only two loaves. I don't think J and i really needed 3 all to ourselves ; )

Bread Rising

Bread Rising in the spiffy new loaf pans

Bread done!

I only cooked the loaves for 30 minutes. They could have used another 5-10 to get a bit crisper. Next time i'm planning to substitute the honey for some rice syrup, lookin for yummy vegan bread.

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