Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A little bit of rice and alot of plastic | Onigiri

I love Onigiri. Every time i've been to Japan i love consuming as many rice balls as i can find at convenience stores, grocery markets, and train stations. There is just something supremely awesome about rice, filling, and seaweed. Well i decided to give it a try in my own house, since there aren't a lot of places in the USA that sell fresh Onigiri, expect Tokyo Fish Market in Berkeley which usually sells out when they're fresh.

I looked up a few recipes and finally decided to try a super one recipe for plain rice with a bit of Talapia, Tamari, and Salt as a filling. I pulled out all of the plastic trays (from Daiso) and got out the picked vegetables incase there was room/rice left over, wishful thinking.

Step 1: All things cooked and ready for assemblage

Step 2: Packing the rice bottom layer into the plastic molds. Next is carving out a spot in the middle for the filling. and Lastly more rice on top all packed down tightly.

Step 3: All rice and filling used up and dusted with Rice Seasoning and Salt

Step 4: Cutting the Nori to go around the Onigiri

Step 5: Nori wrapped and all done!

And it wouldn't be Japanese Cooking if you didn't have the cutest container to take it somewhere and show it off in. I bought this at Daiso in Union City back in March and this was it's christening. It held two of my GIANT Onigiri and made me smile all day while i looked at it on my desk.

Next is a Vegan Japanese Potato Salad and Veggie Onigiri to go with my new Bento craze... Mmmmm...

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